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10 Entrepreneurial Experts Are READY To Spill Their PROVEN SECRETS To

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June 24th - 26th 2022

The Hotel Saint Vincent, New Orleans, LA.
HURRY! Secure Your Space At The 2022
Biz Chiefs® Conference:
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

The Time For Costly, Time-Consuming Trial & Error In Your Business Is OVER

We’ve ALL been there… Desperate to scale our businesses and personal success but never being able to just do it. 

It’s not from a lack of putting in the work. Instead, there’s always an unknown obstacle or risk standing in our way that will either cost time, money, or both. 

That’s SERIOUSLY flawed. Growth shouldn’t equal sacrifice.

But for all too many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, CEOs, business owners, and executive directors, it does.

  • ​If you want to grow your team, your profit has to take a hit. 
  • If you want to implement a new system, lead generation has to stop. 
  • If you want to get more customers, you have to work more hours. 
  • It feels like one step forward, and two steps back…
  • If you’re not careful, that cycle won’t stop. 

It doesn’t matter how much you grow, overcome, and accomplish - the stakes and losses will just get higher 

Today is your unique chance to break it. Whether you’re brand new to business and just starting out, mid-scale, hit a ceiling, or on an upward trajectory of success… 

Chances like this don’t come around all that often. So don’t let this pass you by!

The Secret To Breaking The Cycle Of No Growth Without Sacrifice Is Super Simple: 

Learn from people who have already made the sacrifices, taking the time and financial hit… AND are willing to be 100% honest about it! That way, you can avoid the mistakes, setbacks, and barriers that slow down success and growth. You won’t be taking one step forward and two steps back…

…you’ll be taking an uber every single time! ;)

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

  • “Where will I find these people?” 
  • ​“Will they even be willing to help me?”
  • “What do I prioritize first?”
  • ​“Where will I find the time?”
Doing it alone, trying to form connections, and find people willing to spill their secrets would be impossible. But, because you’re are here reading this.


Introducing The 
Biz Chiefs® Conference: 

All the expertise you could need to grow your
success all in one place 

All the expertise you could need to grow your success all in one place 

Over 2 days, you’ll get access to 10 expert speakers in industries that are CRUCIAL to sustainable, scalable growth… No matter your service, product, business structure, niche, or revenue level!  The topics they’ll cover are the foundations of great business. 

All of the businesses and entrepreneurs you admire 
have these EXACT elements nailed and stitched into their entire daily operation:

All of the businesses and entrepreneurs you admire have these EXACT elements nailed and stitched into their entire daily operation:

  • Predictable Profitability
  • Customer Acquisition
  • ​Revenue Increases
  • Successful Scaling
  • Building Systems
  • Growing A Team
  • Seamless Operations
  • ​Service Digitalization 
  • Stocks & Trading
  • ​Real Estate Investments
  • ​Product-Based Marketing
  • ​Intellectual Property Process

And once you secure your spot at the conference, you will TOO!

You’ll walk away with an exact step-by-step “trial and error FREE” blueprint for taking your business to the next level. 

Meet Your Speakers

Mark Monroe

Entrepreneur and principal managing partner at From the Culture & co-creator & producer of The Come Up Series. Mark will teach you about investments, stocks, and entrepreneurship.

Lori B. Jackson 

Director of the Women’s Business Resource Center at Urban League of Louisiana. Lori will teach you top financial strategies to increase revenue and profit inside of your business. 

Brittany Flippen

Entrepreneur and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and CEO of Fit Wit Britt, Earn Dat Body Fit Campus & Waistwatcherz. Creator of the Geaux Weight-loss Collection. Brittany will give you the secrets to creating and marketing product-based businesses. 

Anthony Kimble

 Entrepreneur & Founder and managing partner of Kimble Properties LLC, a privately held real estate investment and development company. Anthony will teach you how to invest in commercial and residential real estate to grow your wealth portfolio. 

Kyona the Lawyer

Entrepreneur & Founder of The McGhee Law Firm. PLLC is better known as "Trademark My Stuff”. Kyona will discuss everything you need to know about trademarking, copyrighting, and filing patents for your business. 

Kenyatta Sparks

DBE/SS Program Manager at SJB Group, LLC. Expert in government contracts. Kenyatta will show you how to diversify your revenue with government contracts.

Terrica Matthews

 Entrepreneur & Founder of Premier Property and Consulting Group and the creator of the My Money Mindset journal. Terrica will teach you how to obtain business credit to grow your business. 


Koereyelle Award-winning entrepreneur who turned her $32,000 salary into a million dollar brand. Koereyelle will teach you how to turn your service space business into digital products.

Howard J. Terrell

Howard J. Terrell is the Assistant Vice President of Support Services for Ochsner Health. Howard will teach you how operations can scale your business for success

Plus Your Host:

Lakeisha Robichaux

Founder & CEO of Chief of Minds/Biz Chiefs®, Author/Speaker
Founder & CEO of Chief of Minds/Biz Chiefs®, Author/Speaker
An absolute powerhouse, Lakeisha Robichaux is a business transformation strategist, author, leadership expert, CEO of Chief of Minds, LLC, a human resources firm, Chief of Minds Staffing, and Chief of Minds Insurance, but most importantly, a Wife to Chad and a Mother to two brilliant boys, Brian and Brayden. 

A leading authority in complex operations, she is revolutionizing the way organizations succeed by optimizing operations, developing executive leaders and building high-performing teams. With a strategic skillset that is unmatched, Lakeisha is a problem-solver. A success seeker and the organizational leader that every company needs by their side—and at their table.

A human resources veteran, Lakeisha honed her expertise at several Fortune 500 and 100 companies in executive leadership roles. Garnering a well-earned reputation for driving results, she led those organizations through significant cultural change, proving that peak performance is always possible through the right people. 

It was pure passion for people and servant leadership that led to her pivot from corporate into public service as the former Executive Director and Human Resources Director for the Recovery School District in Baton Rouge. 

As her undeniable brilliance and proven track record sparked conversation in spaces across Louisiana, she has become a highly sought-after consultant for other organizations, stateside and beyond. Recognizing that small businesses need big business strategy to win, she created Biz Chiefs® to guide emerging and established businesses into their next phase of growth and success. 

Through her consulting and high-level membership, she provides CEOs with the side-by-side support and mentorship needed to scale and bring their seven-figure profit dreams into reality.

The BIG Difference About The Biz Chiefs® Conference

If you’re a CEO, solopreneur, entrepreneur, business owner, or executive director, chances are this isn’t your first rodeo.  You’ve gone to events before OR at least considered it…

BUT each event was missing something. It might have had ALL the information you could have dreamed of, but you’re here, still struggling with the same struggles days, months, or years later. It’s because most events are all information…

…and no execution! 

After that initial event buzz wears off, you’re left scratching your head thinking about how to actually implement stuff into your exact business. And pretty soon, you realize it’s a square peg, round hole situation. 


At the Biz Chiefs® Conference, we combine information with execution in YOUR BUSINESS every step of the way.

We have thought of EVERYTHING to help you execute and ELEVATE:

Breakfast & Lunch

Get a chance to socialize, network, and connect with like-minded people, talk through ideas, implementation, and even collaboration.

Regular Q&A’s

Over the two days, there'll be question and answer sessions with our all-star entrepreneurial line-up to get personalized, expert advice.

Bonus Materials

On top of the epic guest speakers, you’ll also receive tools, resources, and cutting-edge strategies to help you take the right action at the right time.

See How EMPOWERED People Feel & The Results They Achieve After Working With Me & Attending My Events:

A Day-By-Day Breakdown Of The Event:

This is going to be an action-packed 2 days! To help you prepare and know what to expect, here’s a breakdown of our 2 days together:

Friday, June 24th

Trademarks & Intellectual Property

Learn the ins and outs of trademarks and intellectual property with trademark attorney Kyona The Lawyer! She’ll provide a wealth of knowledge and answer questions about trademarks, copyrighting, and patents.

Financial Strategies:

Lori Jackson, Director of the Women's Business Center and the Urban League of Louisiana will discuss financial strategies for increasing both revenue and profits in your business!

Creating & Branding Products:

Brittany Flippen will discuss the process of creating and marketing products for your business. Are you ready to create or launch your own product line? Find out during this segment!

Government Contracts:

Kenyatta Sparks will speak about the process to obtain government contracts to add additional and unique revenue streams inside your business.


Howard J. Terrell will discuss the importance of operations and how you can best utilize them inside your business to enhance productivity and output. 

Saturday, June 25th

Building Your Team:

Presented by the Biz Chief® In Charge, Lakeisha Robichaux! Lakeisha will give you strategies to properly build your team to support the demands and fluctuations of growth and scaling.

Investment, Stocks, & Trading:

Mark Monroe will share strategies and the pathway to long-term wealth via investments, stocks, and long-term trading.

Real Estate Investment:

Anthony Kimble will share secrets to building wealth and passive income through real estate investments. Are you ready to invest in single-home, multi-units, or an entire community? Come and learn what mistakes to avoid, and how to find the right property for you.

Business Credit:

Terrica Matthews will share the importance of business credit to grow and scale your business. Learn the tips and strategies you need to get your next business loan, business vehicle, line of credit, and more to bring your business to the next level.

Turning A Service Business Into Digital Products

Koereyelle Award-winning entrepreneur who turned her $32,000 salary into a million dollar brand. She's been featured by Forbes, Black Enterprise, NBC, Fox, and Essence as an International Speaker. She will share how to turn your service space business into digital products.

Psst… Want Access To 2 Of The BIGGEST Accelerators In ANY Businesses Growth And $8,500 Worth Of EXTRA Personalized Support?

Join VIP & Unlock An EXTRA Day! 

VIP ONLY: Sunday, June 26th | (Biz Chiefs® Empowerment Brunch)

VIP ONLY: Sunday, June 26th

(Biz Chiefs® Empowerment Brunch)

Business Development

Learn how to secure deals and contracts from the business development Guru herself - Kelisha Garrett! If you need to know how to negotiate government, public, and private sector contracts, you need to be in the building for this!

Financial Wealth

Britney Temple will share the journey you can take to financial wealth. If you are ready to build your financial legacy, come and learn from the elite financial coach that has produced millions in revenue during her career.

Self Care:

Dr. Alisha Reed, The FLY Pharmacist, Self Care Strategist, and Founder and Host of The FLY Widow Podcast and Lifestyle Brand will share tips, resources, and break the generational curse that “Strong Women don’t take breaks”.


  • #1: Vip Meet & Greet Live Zoom Call With Lakeisha Before The Event
  • #2: Lakeisha’s 5 Steps To Maximize The Event For Your Desired Results
  • #3: Fabulous VIP Swag Gift Bursting With Goodies 
  • ​#4: VIP Priority Event Seating To Get Close To The Action 
  • ​#5: Access To The Event Speakers At Breakfast And Lunch Each Day
  • #6: Biz Chiefs® Empowerment Brunch With Lakeisha On June 26th
  • #7: Follow-up 2 Hour Business Mastermind Zoom Call
  • #8: SWOT Analysis Before The Mastermind Zoom Call
  • #9: Analysis Of Your Strategic Plan To Grow And Scale Your Business
  • #10: Personal Guidance From Lakeisha For Optimizing Your Business

Hotel Saint Vincent

The Hotel Saint Vincent is the official hotel for the Biz Chiefs® Conference. To learn more about Hotel Saint Vincent, please visit their website here.

1507 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Two Ticket Options To Choose From:

Event Dates: July 24-26

VIP Admission

Price: $899
Here's what's included:
  • 2 Days of powerful business strategies and content to grow and scale your business
  • Swag bag
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • ​Post-conference Business Mastermind Session to prepare your business for growth and scaling, identify growth opportunities, and techniques to end 2022 strong and launch 2023 with Lakeisha Robichaux ($8,500 value)
  • ​VIP Welcome Gift ($197 value)
  • ​VIP access to the Biz Chiefs® Empowerment Brunch ($175 value)
  • ​VIP reserved seating in the conference ballroom

General Admission

Price: $249
Here's what's included:
  • 2 Days of powerful business strategies and content to grow and scale your business
  • Swag bag
  • Breakfast and lunch provided


The GOOD news is… So many other CEOs, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executive directors are in the same position as you…

It doesn’t matter whether they’re physical products/service based, or digital:  They’re hungry to grow. They just don’t know HOW to do it efficiently.

They’re experiencing the exact same struggles around:

  • ​Growing and scaling WITHOUT sacrificing value and originality 
  • Managing internal operations and integrating systems 
  • Marketing, branding, and pricing products and services correctly  
  • Expanding into different revenue streams to diversify income 
  • ​Adding predictability, longevity, and sustainability

So, you’re not alone.

And if you secure a place at the Biz Chiefs® Conference, you’ll be surrounded by ALL of those like-minded people ready to transform their business. HOWEVER - The BAD news is…

ALL of those people ALL know that the Biz Chiefs® Conference is a 2-day, one-stop SOLUTION to ALL of those problems (and a STEAL of an investment…) 

That means they’re RUSHING to secure a ticket.

The problem is, ticket numbers at the venue are LIMITED! It means that if you want to be there, you have to act FAST. There are NO guarantees that if you come back to this page in a day’s time tickets will still be available. 

So, if you’re serious about taking some expert shortcuts, increasing your revenue, acquiring more clients, properly executing for profits, and removing the costly, time-consuming trial and error around growing your business… 

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Or, you’ve never posted a reel… Or, every reel you’ve ever posted has been a HUGE flop… I have the simple, step-by-step formula you need. I have compiled ALL of my tips, tricks, and reel best practices into this 90-minute session…

All you have to do is “Copy & Paste” them into your business to achieve rapid results! Most Instagram Reel training only covers the surface level… This training goes in-depth into how YOU can scale your brand through reels, and FINALLY create the life you deserve. 

To date, this kind of knowledge is NOT readily available online. BUT, I want it to be. So, IF you claim one of the limited number of seats available today…

Seriously, What Are You Waiting For?

Take A Sneak-Peek At The Biz Chiefs® Conference & Secure Your Ticket 
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